Make Yourself Better Medley

The fourth number for the original show "23 And Me", this medley takes the story out of the wistful dreams of the ballad back to the practical business of the lab. Up against a deadline, the scientists must brainstorm a way to make money for the company ("Time To Think"), and their idea brings volunteers into the lab to create CRISPR engineered solutions to their physical problems ("Make Yourself Better"). Each failed attempt is a hilarious comedic moment, making this novelty number the highlight of the show. The action leads us directly into the closer. This medley features a number of soloists, spoken and sung, and three non-choir member 'volunteers'.

Instrumentation: Piano/Synth/Guitar/Bass/Drums/Percussion/2 Tpt/1 Tbn/Alto, Tenor Sax

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Gospel, R & B/Soul
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